Staggeringly Good-Velocirapture Divine+Divide West Coast IPA 440ml Can


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A stunning hand filled crowler can of your favourite keg beer:

Staggeringly Good- Velocirapture Divine+Divide West Coast IPA 6.5%

This concept was a natural progression from our Little Arms Big Hugs release which was our way of giving a big hug to our supporters.

The idea of communities, families and loved ones being divided is something that has been on our minds a lot and it’s something we can all relate to right now I’m sure. Beer however, as much as ever, seems as good a way as any of bringing people together.

So we invite you all to our little experiment…

Firstly we brewed our usual VelociRapture base beer, a touch of oats, a touch of wheat and some sweet malts to round it out. This beer has always leaned towards a West Coast style and this base fits perfectly. Then we did the following…

BEER 2 – West Coast IPA Version
1. We added a small amount of bittering hops just to tame the boil and give a touch of IBU’s.
2. At the end of the boil, the remaining wort that was left after the first transfer was whirl-pooled with cascade hops at 94 degrees for 20 minutes to add bitterness and that ‘Westie’ Cascade flavour and aroma.
3. We then transferred this wort into FV2 and fermented with US-05 which is highly attenuative and flocculates out really nicely helping with clarity.
4. After fermentation we added 15g/L of a blend of Equinot & Amarillo dry hop.
5. We chilled and topped up the carbonation in the beer to 2.5 volumes of CO2 for that extra crisp mouthfeel ready for canning.

Contains Allergens