Staggeringly Good-Velocirapture Divine+Divide NEIPA 440ml Can


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A stunning hand filled crowler can of your favourite keg beer:

Staggeringly Good- Velocirapture Divine+Divide NEIPA 6.5%

This concept was a natural progression from our Little Arms Big Hugs release which was our way of giving a big hug to our supporters.

The idea of communities, families and loved ones being divided is something that has been on our minds a lot and it’s something we can all relate to right now I’m sure. Beer however, as much as ever, seems as good a way as any of bringing people together.

So we invite you all to our little experiment…

Firstly we brewed our usual VelociRapture base beer, a touch of oats, a touch of wheat and some sweet malts to round it out. This beer has always leaned towards a West Coast style and this base fits perfectly. Then we did the following…

BEER 1 – New England IPA Version
1. We added a small amount of bittering hops just to tame the boil and give a touch of IBU’s.
2. At the end of the boil we transferred half the wort into FV 1 with no late addition hops.
3. We added a blend of ESB and New England ale yeast both of which leave a decent amount of sweetness in the final beer.
4. Towards the end of fermentation we added 20g/L of a blend of Idaho 7, BRU-1 and Citra BBC dry hop.
5. We chilled and topped up the carbonation in the beer to 2.3 volumes of CO2 for a soft, squashy mouthfeel ready for canning.

Contains Allergens